What To Expect

Becoming a part of the practice at Balanced Health Chiropractic Center of West Michigan is very simple. After making an appointment, we will sit down with you and listen to your concerns. When we are done talking if we think we can help we will let you know, but if we do not think we can help we will tell you that as well and point you into a different direction.

First Step

The first step is an initial consultation with our upper cervical chiropractor in Zeeland, to go over your comprehensive health history.

A complete and thorough chiropractic physical examination administered by our chiropractor will then follow. This will include postural measurements to identify asymmetries (imbalance). Dr. Dromboski can now determine if he can help you.

If he feels he can help you, you will then receive 3 to 5 specific cervical x-rays. Dr. Dromboski will then analyze these images to determine the specific nature of your upper cervical misalignment. With this information Dr. Dromboski can now safely deliver a precise correction to realign your head and neck & restore postural alignment.

Second Step

Once Dr. Dromboski has identified the problem he will start by showing you his findings on your x-rays.

You will be given a comprehensive explanation as to how your specific upper cervical misalignment is altering your posture, creating symptoms & affecting your health.

You will then receive a correction or an ‘adjustment’ by the doctor based on the specific calculations from your upper cervical x-rays. This is an accurate ‘light touch’ specific method of care making it extremely safe & effective. There is no twisting or rotating of the patients head and neck during treatment.

Third Step

After your upper cervical correction, Dr. Dombroski will then determine the effectiveness of the treatment by measuring structural/postural changes made by the adjustment. He expects you to see & feel the positive changes made after care. It is at this point he will offer her advice & recommendation on how to effectively ‘hold’ your alignment. This will be accomplished through potential diet, exercise & any other necessary lifestyle/activities of daily living modifications. In addition, as the best chiropractor in Austin, Dr. Dombroski works with a network of other health care professionals. He is willing to work together with other health care professionals to facilitate successful outcomes & happy, healthy patients.

Patients are often amazed at how fast their posture & symptoms both improve with upper cervical care in Zeeland.


We are in-network with Traditional Blue Cross Insurance. At our chiropractic offices in Zeeland and Grand Rapids we accept several forms of payment.

If you do not see your insurance please call us at Zeeland Office at (616) 772-9255 and at our Grand Rapids Office at (616) 333-2322 and we can let you know if we are an in-network provider and the benefits you may have.

Workers Comp./Personal Injury




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What makes our center really special is that we are among the few who actually specialize in the NUCCA technique, which is gaining momentum in the industry, and it is becoming a highly recognized standard.
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