Stopping Dizziness with A Natural and Effective Way

Feeling dizzy while you’re busy doing tasks like cleaning the house or completing work at the office can be quite frustrating. Additionally, it can render you incapacitated for hours, depending on how long your dizzying spell lasts.

So, how do you manage such a health problem? If you’re not keen on using medications, what are your options? Is there an effective remedy for dizziness? Can going to a chiropractor in Zeeland, MI help in preventing or reducing dizziness? We’ll answer all of these questions and more as we discuss more dizziness.

Quick Facts You Need to Know about Dizziness

It’s critical to note that dizziness is not a disease or a disorder. Instead, it’s a symptom of another health issue. Millions of people experience it. If you’re no stranger to dizziness, you’ll notice that it can happen at any moment, without warning. Most of the time, it worsens when you move around. It also tends to happen frequently as a person ages. While it’s not life-threatening, it can result in serious injuries when combined with hazards like a slippery floor or a moving vehicle. 

Here are the four main categories of dizziness: 

  • Syncope – This type mostly occurs when you stand up too fast after sitting or lying down for long hours. It can result in fainting, dimmed vision, confusion, and lightheadedness. 
  • Disequilibrium – It’s a type of dizziness where you lose your sense of balance. It tends to get worst as you move around. 
  • Vertigo – It makes you feel like everything around you is moving or spinning. You might also experience other symptoms like sensitivity to lights, vomiting, and nausea.
  • Anxiety – Some patients use the word dizziness to describe the sensation they feel when they’re anxious, nervous, or scared.

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Common Health Problems that Cause Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness and vertigo are quite common in the world. As we’ve discussed earlier, these two symptoms rarely occur on their own. Instead, when such symptoms occur, you likely have a more severe condition. 

One example is the condition called Meniere’s disease. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest celebrity news, you might have heard about this condition from Jessie J as she revealed her diagnosis last December

Besides Meniere’s, dizziness and vertigo often occur in patients with the following health conditions:

  • Vestibular migraines
  • Labyrinthitis or Vestibular neuronitis
  • Autoimmune ear disease
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV
  • Ear or spinal tumors
  • Demyelination of the spinal cord
  • Cerebral vascular or brainstem lesions

Diagnosis of Dizziness – Knowing Which Type You Have

Often patients have a hard time figuring out how to report their symptoms. Unfortunately, this could lead to an unclear diagnosis. If you are experiencing dizziness, it’s crucial to note the specific characteristics of your symptom.

For example, do you feel like you’re on a merry-go-round while you’re sitting or lying down? Do you feel light-headed? Are you struggling to keep your balance, especially when you move around? 

When asking for help from a doctor or an upper cervical chiropractor in Zeeland, MI, it’s also helpful to note other details of your symptoms, including:

  • The duration of each episode, especially if it frequently occurs
  • The remedies or medications you use
  • Any pre-existing health problem
  • History of head or neck trauma
  • Other accompanying symptoms, such as visual aura, nausea, ringing in the ear, and neck pain

Dizziness vs. Vertigo – Are They Different?

Many patients tend to use dizziness and vertigo interchangeably whenever they describe what they feel. If you’re guilty of doing the same, but you’re not sure how to verify which of the two you have, here are a few things you should remember: 

  • They have different symptoms – Dizziness is a broad term, while vertigo is more specific. Often, you only feel light-headed when you're dizzy, like as if you’re about to faint. However, if it’s a vertigo episode, you’ll feel like you’re spinning around. Worst of all, the sensation doesn’t go away even if you try to rest. 
  • The other tends to worsen with movement – BPPV, a type of vertigo, tends to worsen when you try to move your head. If you have this sign and symptom, you will find it helpful to do small movements, especially when you’re getting out of bed. Usually, dizziness goes away on its own after a few minutes. On one hand, vertigo tends to persist longer, especially a severe health problem causes it.

Once you figure out which among the two symptoms you have, seeking an effective remedy becomes easier. For example, if you’re only feeling dizzy, you can try resting for a bit. As much as possible, you should have enough sleep at night. 

If ever you have vertigo episodes, you’ll need to resolve its possible causes. If you have BPPV, Meniere’s, vestibular neuronitis, or labyrinthitis, upper cervical chiropractic may help.

How an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Zeeland, MI can help

Getting upper cervical chiropractic adjustments is one of the most popular remedies for vertigo and dizziness. It can help you experience relief from your symptoms by fixing the alignment of your upper neck bones.  The process involves making gentle adjustments to your neck bones to relieve pressure on your brainstem and spine. It also helps improve fluid drainage, which comes extra handy in relieving symptoms caused by an ear infection or Meniere’s disease.

Regardless of the cause of your vertigo or dizzying spells, you might find hope through upper cervical care. Imagine how your life could change after correcting your neck bone structure problem. Are you ready to try a new vertigo relief method? Please contact us at Balanced Health Chiropractic Center. You can reach us through our website or by phone at (616) 772-9255. Talk to our upper cervical chiropractor in Zeeland, MI and book your consultation session.

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