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Our Services

The main service provided by our office is NUCCA chiropractic care. We currently are the only office west of Chelsea (near Ann Arbor) and south of Charlevoix to provide this very specialized type of chiropractic care according to the website.

Massage therapy is also available from our wonderful massage therapists!


The NUCCA technique uses a gentle adjustment and controlled contact on the first vertebrae in the neck. The adjustment is designed to restore balance to the spine without the twisting, popping or cracking in which some express concern.

Even though the primary focus is the neck, the effects of the correction influences the entire spine and all body systems. This is because the NUCCA procedure influences one of the highest control centers over body balance, the brain stem and central nervous system.

I’ve successfully used the NUCCA method in treating patients with neck and low back pain, headaches, sciatica, and also fibromyalgia, jaw pain (TMJ), A.D.D., vertigo, and many other diseases, symptoms, and syndromes. Please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying – NUCCA is not a cure-all or panacea for all of mankind’s ailments; It merely lays the foundation upon which health can be rebuilt. – the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association – a website dedicated to upper cervical chiropractic by a patient advocate – an amazing story of a life saved by upper cervical chiropractic care