How to Survive the Pain of Sciatica

Before getting advice and undergoing sessions with an upper cervical chiropractor for sciatica in Zeeland, most people thought this condition would haunt them for life. People who have experienced sciatica's excruciating pain say that it is one of the most debilitating ailments to afflict humans.  

When the pain sets in, you can hardly move. Sitting puts pressure on the lower back, making the pain shoot up from the hips.  If you stand up, the pain radiates from the hip down to the legs. Whether it is sitting down or standing up, any position you take is just difficult and uncomfortable. 

Even driving a car is next to impossible since the act of stepping on the gas or brake pedal makes the leg stretch, and this results in tremendous pain to the back. Lying down may take off some of the weight on the hips and legs, but any sudden movement can easily make you suffer stabbing pain that will rob you of sleep. 

What is Sciatica?

The first thing that people do when they meet with an upper cervical chiropractor for sciatica in Zeeland is to ask what exactly is this painful condition. Some assume that it is severe back pain. Some think it has something to do with their legs. Still, others believe taking a cold shower made their hips sore or age has something to do with it.

Sciatica is the pain you feel when the sciatic nerve is irritated or compressed. The sciatic nerve is found inside the lower back and stretches down the hips. The nerve stretches across the buttocks and down inside each leg. 

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Usually, a herniated disk is what irritates the sciatic nerve. When this happens, many symptoms begin, such as: 

  • A sharp pain described as burning or like a jolt of electricity
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Muscle weakness
  • Stiffness in the lower back and legs 

Risk Factors for Sciatica 

There are several risk factors for sciatica, such as:

  • Occupation

Individuals who perform very physical tasks or those who regularly carry heavy loads are prone to sciatica.  For example, it is common to hear that sciatica is a health problem among stuntmen and women, professional athletes, those in the fire service, persons doing construction work, or employees who sit on a chair in front of an office desk for many hours daily.

  • Excessive Sitting

Sitting for hours on end is a risk factor because it puts pressure on the lower back.

  • Obesity

Obesity is a risk factor because being overweight places unnecessary pressure on the spine and hip bones. In fact, it also puts stress on the knees and feet. The body weight that needs to be carried by our bone structure can lead to herniation in the spinal disks in the lower back region. Disk herniation is one of the known causes of sciatica.

  • Age

As we age, the strength of our spine may also change. As our bone density lowers, we may become more susceptible to bone and muscle injury, as well as sciatica.

  • Diabetes

Since sciatica is nerve damage, people with diabetes are susceptible because their disease also causes the nerves’ deterioration.

Sciatica Survival Tips  

Individuals who work with a chiropractor for sciatica in Zeeland would typically get the following advice or tips to survive and overcome sciatica pain:

  • Take periodic stretches when your job or business involves sitting for long periods. For example, do a one or two-minute standing stretch every hour to let the spine expand and get relief from downward pressure.
  • When sciatica pain is intense, use a hot or cold compress to help decrease the swelling. 
  • Be conscious about maintaining good posture when standing up, walking, running, or sitting down. Posture is crucial to keep the spine in good alignment.
  • Learn lumbar spine and hamstring stretches to help relieve muscle tension or stiffness. There are many free stretching tutorials on Youtube for your reference.
  • When you lift weights at the gym, make sure you get proper instruction from a trainer. If possible, ask for a “spotter” who can monitor and correct your movements. Improper weight lifting form can cause spinal injuries and muscle tears.
  • Invest time to train your core or abdominal muscles. A strong core helps you restore the health of your hips and lower back. The exercises also promote mobility and relieve pressure on the lumbar region.
  • Swimming is also an excellent exercise for sciatica. It helps strengthen the body, remove tension on the back and hip region, and tones the muscles.

Natural Pain Relief for Sciatica

Aside from the survival tips cited above, people who go to an upper cervical chiropractor for sciatica in Zeeland learn that natural pain relief is easy and accessible to everyone.  Best of all, upper cervical chiropractic as an alternative pain relief method is totally non-invasive, requires no downtime, and does not involve taking medications.

At Balanced Health Chiropractic Center of West Michigan, you will first undergo a quick assessment to know more about your health history and some details about your experience with sciatica. After a postural examination followed by an x-ray, upper cervical spine adjustments begin.

The adjustments help the head and spine go back to their proper alignment. Specifically, the techniques used by the upper cervical chiropractor are focused on the two topmost bones of the spine: the C1 vertebra (or the atlas) and the C2 vertebra (also called the axis).  The C1 and C2 vertebrae carry the weight of the head. Sometimes, trauma caused by the twisting and tilting of the head leads to misalignment. All that twisting and tilting may irritate some nerves, including the sciatic nerve in the lower back or lumbar area.

The goal of upper cervical chiropractic is to remove this irritation, compression, or impingement. Once the irritation is addressed, the pain and symptoms of sciatica are reduced. To know more about relief for sciatica, visit or contact our office today.

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