A Way to Manage Meniere’s Disease Symptoms Successfully

Meniere's disease affects the inner ear that ends in significant ear problems. When the fluids inside the inner ear flow abnormally for some reason, it triggers the development of Meniere's disease. According to Hearing Health Foundation, about 600,000 to 750,000 Americans live with Meniere's disease.

What are the causes of Meniere's disease? What can you do to relieve Meniere's disease symptoms? But, more importantly, how can a chiropractor in Zeeland help get to the root of the problem?

We are going to take a more profound look at this disease. Then, we will explore a natural and practical way to get vertigo relief in Zeeland if you are suffering from Meniere’s disease. 


These Symptoms Point to Meniere's Disease

During a Meniere's disease attack, patients may get through different levels and ranges of symptoms. You may feel the symptoms set in slowly but worsen as time goes by. A person with Meniere's disease may deal with some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling sick or dizzy
  • Vertigo, the feeling or sensation that the world is whirling or spinning
  • Hissing or ringing sound in one or both ears
  • Intense sensitivity to noise
  • Mild to severe hearing loss. The sounds seem unclear and fuzzy.
  • Ear fullness, a sensation where you feel your ear is near bursting due to intense pressure
  • Rapid pulse
  • Cold sweat
  • Trembling
  • Diarrhea

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Meniere's Disease Impacts Your Balance and Hearing

When you have Meniere's disease, it should come as no surprise that you experience balance and hearing problems. This disease roots in your inner ear, the body part responsible for balance and hearing. Consequently, you may temporarily lose your sense of hearing, and in severe cases, permanently. 

Meniere's disease causes stress, frustration, and fatigue to anyone who has it. Sadly, patients with this condition may face difficulties accomplishing day-to-day activities during episodes.


Possible Causes and Triggers of Meniere's Disease

Doctors consider the fluid buildup in the labyrinth (a part of the ear vital for balance and hearing) as the biggest reason why Meniere’s disease exists. When an overwhelming amount of fluid occupies this area, vertigo and hearing problems are likely to happen in no time. 

Theorists and researchers suggest that these may cause fluid buildup in the inner ear. Two or more of these conditions make up the recipe for Meniere's disease.

  • Viral Infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Injury or hard hit to the head
  • Poor fluid drainage due to an abnormal ear structure or ear blockage
  • Migraine headaches


A Study-Backed Method to Relieve Vertigo in Meniere's Disease

If you live with Meniere’s disease, you may want to hear the findings from this study that can help make way for your much-needed vertigo relief in Zeeland.

An upper cervical chiropractor spearheaded the advancements in tracing the root of Meniere's disease. His name is Dr. Michael Burcon. In his study, Dr. Burton revealed that upper cervical adjustments could significantly improve the vertigo symptoms in Meniere's disease.

Moreover, his study confirmed the shared history of whiplash or neck injuries among Meniere’s disease patients. Here are the other conclusions from Dr. Burcon's study: 

  • After upper cervical adjustments, the vertigo symptoms of his patients were gone completely. 
  • His study dramatically contributed to the restoration of the health of 725 Meniere’s patients.
  • Dr. Burcon discovered that one of the causes of Meniere's disease is a misalignment in the upper cervical spine. A misalignment in the C1 and C2 bones of the neck caused stress to the brainstem of patients. This misalignment resulted in miscommunication between the brain and the body when generating proper movement. 

Besides Doctor Burcon's research, another study observed the great help of upper cervical chiropractic care to Meniere's patients with a history of neck injury. The patients in the study reported a decrease in the intensity and frequency of their vertigo symptoms following upper cervical adjustments.


How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Helps with Meniere's Disease

If the studies mentioned above aren’t enough to convince you of the great things you can get from upper cervical chiropractic, here’s to explain how Meniere’s disease patients can get vertigo relief in Zeeland by just having regular chiropractic adjustments.

Upper cervical chiropractic offers these two benefits:

  • Restored communication of your nervous system. Proper and precise adjustments of the misalignment on your upper cervical spine can restore the flow of information traveling from your vestibular organs to your nervous system. Therefore, it may reduce your Meniere's symptoms, including vertigo and dizziness.
  • Better flow of spinal fluid. The irregular flow of cerebral spinal fluid can cause pressure on the inner ear. This situation can affect how the inner ear performs in maintaining proper balance. Upper cervical chiropractic care helps aid this problem.


Restoring Your Health with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Here at Balanced Health Chiropractic Center of West Michigan, we have not one but three chiropractors in Zeeland that can give your upper cervical spine the best care it can get. So if you are seeking vertigo relief in Zeeland, our excellent and outstanding team is ready to get you to your healthcare goals.

We use the NUCCA technique in correcting the misalignment in your upper cervical spine. Also, our methods can help restore the pathways of your nervous system to get rid of Meniere’s symptoms like vertigo and dizziness. 

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